St Paul’s Carnival – Back on !

Good news for St Paul’s Carnival fans – Bristol Mayor vows to bring it backdefault


ST Paul’s Carnival will go ahead either next year or in 2018, Bristol’s new Mayor has vowed.

Marvin Rees announced at last night’s cabinet meeting that he had already spoken to organizers about ways to secure the festival’s future.

This will be the second consecutive year the event. which attracts around 100,000 revelers annually, has not taken place.

A huge question mark was thrown over the event when the city council pulled its support for the committee last November, claiming it had lost confidence in the organizers.


At the same time a carnival commission was set up, involving community groups, businesses and people who take part in the carnival to look at how best to organize the event and secure its future.

Mr Rees said: “We are committed to making sure it goes ahead with the commission, when they come back with their report.

“The question I had for them was did they think it was viable to come in 2018 or 2017? They are being a bit quiet about it but I think they are very keen to come back next year.

“But i think there are lessons we can learn from this about the skills mismatch across different communities in Bristol.

“I want to ensure expertise that are available to certain parts of the city and community are available to other parts of the community and their events as well.”

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