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I started 10 years ago with a goal to spread positive news in and around the Bristol area.

We had many years of success and the journey has been great.

In the last 12 months, I’ve come to realize that Theirs not much good news anymore .

I have took the decision to stop this site from the new year.

We are still running the website that is thriving from the Bristol music scene, go check it out !

Thank you once again for the loyal and continuous support you have shown us over the years

Yours sincerely,

S Powney   ( bristolstuff admin )

23 phrases that only someone from Bristol would understand

Bristol has some wonderful words and phrases peculiar to the city and its surrounds.

We’ve put together a list of the most popular – and translations for those new to the area.






How many do you hear every day? And if we’ve missed any, please add your suggestions in the comments below.

“Alright me luvver?/Alright me babber?”

Translation: “How are you?”


Translation: “Bedminster”


Translation: “Plimsolls”

“I’m going to Asdol’s to get some Lamberts”

Translation: “I’m going to Asda to get some cigarettes”

“Is this snow going to pitch?”

Translation: “Is this snow going to settle?”

“Cheers, Drive”

Translation: “Thanks, for the lift (bus driver)”






“I’ve scraged my knee and it hurts!“

Translation: “I’ve scratched my knee and it hurts”

“Gert lush”

Translation: “Rather nice”

“Where you going to?”

Translation: “Where are you going?

“I’m gunna to see ar mua”

Translation: “I am going to see our mother”






“I bis going up the caulenstonall”

Translation: “I am going to Colston Hall”

“I’d be aff up the incline by now”

Translation: “I am frustrated that you don’t understand what I am saying”

“I can’t understand a word yum saying ow bis”

Translation: “I can’t understand what you are saying”

“A great ideal”

Translation: “A great idea”

“Job’s a good ‘un”

Translation: “Good job”

“Where’s attoo?”

Translation: “Where’s that?”

“That’s proper”

Translation: “That’s good”

“Luvs, it I dooze”

Translation: “I love it”


Translation: Added on to end of sentences – e.g. “don’t do that, mind”

“Where’s ee to?”

Translation: “Where is he?”





“That’s a big slider!!”

Translation: “That’s a big slide”

“Wurz zat to?”

Translation: “Where is that?”


Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

Zines, pamphlets, booklets… whatever you want to call them, many of us can agree that they’re a great way to spread information and share ideas easily and accessibly.

So this May, as a build up to this year’s bookfair, we are having a Bristol anarchist zinefair!

List of stalls:
>Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective (This will also be a space where individuals/groups with not many zines can distribute thier zines – but space will be limited!)
>Hydra Bookshop
>Pricesa Pirata Distro
>Kebele Infoshop
>Bristol ABC/Empty Cages Collective
>Bristol Anti-Fascists
>Dysphoria Collective


Workshops and timetable:

Art Room:
12.30 – 1.30: Intro to Kebele – Anarchist principles and the importance of social centers

2-3: Using Scribus to style out your publication (freeware INDesign)

3.30 – 5: Shared Anarchist Zine Reading

Zine making Drop in Session (12.30-4.30)

Tech security and anonymity Drop in Session (12.30 – 4.30)

May 13th 12 -5pm
Kebele social centre
14 Robertson Road

After Party:

And to set your minds at rest and put to bed all the rumours that have been circulating, YES the Bookfair itself IS happening! It’s going to be on the 16th of September and it’s going to be fabulous


Bristol Anarchist Zine Fair

Hosted by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
BS2 0NW Bristol, United Kingdom

Banksy claims responsibility for new Brexit-themed artwork in Dover

Banksy has claimed responsibility for a Brexit-themed mural on the side of a building in Dover.

A large piece of artwork by the notorious street artist showed a workman chipping away at one of the 12 stars on the European flag.

The piece appeared on a building on the A20 in Kent overnight.

The mural close to the Kent port town’s ferry terminal features the character on a ladder removing one of the bright yellow stars.

Banksy has claimed responsibility for a Brexit-themed mural on the side of a building in Dover.

A large piece of artwork by the notorious street artist showed a workman chipping away at one of the 12 stars on the European flag.

The mural close to the Kent port town’s ferry terminal features the character on a ladder removing one of the bright yellow stars.

Representatives for the elusive guerrilla artist from Bristol

confirmed that the piece was by him.

New mural: A section of Banksy’s new artwork in Dover (REUTERS)

Banksy also posted images on his verified Instagram account.


Banksy has claimed responsibility for a Brexit-themed mural on the side of a building in Dover.

A large piece of artwork by the notorious street artist showed a workman chipping away at one of the 12 stars on the European flag.

The mural close to the Kent port town’s ferry terminal features the character on a ladder removing one of the bright yellow stars.

Representatives for the elusive guerrilla artist from Bristol confirmed that the piece was by him.

New mural: A section of Banksy’s new artwork in Dover (REUTERS)

Banksy also posted images on his verified Instagram account.

The artwork in a town that acts as one of Britain’s main gateways to the Continent comes as the UK is in the middle of a General Election campaign and Brexit.

The piece is also just a short crossing from Calais where Banksy sent most of his exhibitions from his Dismaland art project in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, to be used as shelter for migrants.


New video shows extent of Metrobus works on route to Ashton Vale

New video shows extent of Metrobus works on route to Ashton Vale



The construction of the new Metrobus route across Bristol has changed the landscape of one particular corner in the south west.

But because the new road that’s been constructed for the new bus service has broken new ground around buildings, under roads and over railways, exactly where it goes.

The Metrobus route begins at Temple Meads and travels along Commercial Road, past the old General Hospital and the Louisiana and then west along Cumberland Road on Spike Island.

This follows that road along the north bank of the New Cut of the River Avon, with Southville beyond. When Cumberland Road reaches the west end of Spike Island is when the construction work can really be seen.

The route swings around an old docks warehouse and over the river at the Ashton Swing Bridge, crosses the northern section of Greville Smyth, under the Brunel Way dual carriageway, between Paxton Way and Bedminster Cricket Club and then under Brunel Way and the Ashton Road junction before swinging a sharp left to run parallel with the western end of Winterstoke Road.

There, just between Babcock’s factory and Ashton Gate, the Metrobus route can be seen rising up onto a flyover to turn right and cross the railway, before turning right again before the allotments at Ashton Vale and heading across the field which had been planned for the new Ashton Gate stadium.


There the Metrobus route ends at the Long Ashton Park and Ride, although a link to the South Bristol Link Road .

The route is expected to carry its first passengers by the end of the year.


People with learning difficulties had their first experience of a nightclub

Last night in Walsall, over 200 people with learning difficulties had their first experience of a nightclub.

Posted by BBC Midlands Today on Thursday, 27 April 2017

Last night in Walsall, over 200 people with learning difficulties had their first experience of a nightclub.Love this fantastic idea, can’t believe it’s only just happened… please share and let others know ❤️?? PARTY PEOPLE IN DA HOUSE


Big reveal as Concorde’s wrapping removed

Any guesses what's under this wrapping?
            Any guesses what’s under this wrapping?

There was a very special package to unwrap in Bristol this morning, Concorde 216 was unveiled in a hangar in Filton.

Concorde had been wrapped in protective film while works took place around the aircraft and the end wall of her new purpose-built hangar was built.

She’s being prepared for the opening of the new Aerospace Bristol museum, a heritage centre devoted to the history of aviation in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Concorde being unwrapped from protective film.
                         She made her final flight in 2003. 

This summer people will be able to see Concorde 216 in all her glory. Before then she’s going to get a good scrubbing, having stood for years at the side of Filton Airfield – open to the elements.

Bit by bit she's revealed.
                                 Bit by bit she’s revealed. 

It took four people four days to wrap the Concorde in the protective film, it’s much quicker work doing the unwrapping – but still no mean feat!

Concorde 216, was the last Concorde built, and was also the last in a long line of Bristol-designed aircraft to be assembled and flown at Filton.

It returned home on 26th November 2003, making the final flight by a Concorde.

Our President, HRH Duchess of Cornwall drops in for tea and surprise visit to Bedminster

Our President, HRH Duchess of Cornwall drops in for tea

HRH Duchess of Cornwall

Royal Voluntary Service today welcomed HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to a vintage-inspired tea party held at the Trinity Centre in Bristol.Guests took a trip back in time as they tucked into tasty treats including tea and cucumber sandwiches, as well as homemade cakes and scones. Energised by the spread, and led by local lindy hop and swing dance group, Hoppin Mad, the guests then took to the dance floor to music inspired by the 1950s.

The tea party was organised to celebrate the partnership between Royal Voluntary Service and McCarthy & Stone which will see the retirement housebuilder run a series of fundraising events throughout 2017, its 40th anniversary, to raise money for the charity. The company aims to raise over £130,000 to support Royal Voluntary Service.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, who is president of Royal Voluntary Service, met with volunteers and older people who use our services to find out more about how the charity helps older people to stay physically active and connected to their local communities. Homeowners and staff from nearby McCarthy & Stone developments also joined the festivities.

Lillian Murphy, from Westbury-on-Trym, who at 91 years old is still one of our active volunteers, told the Duchess of Cornwall how Royal Voluntary Service helped to greet her and her family when they arrived in this country during the Second World War.

Camilla’s surprise visit to Bedminster

Shoppers on North Street, Bedminster, have been surprised by the sight of Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, strolling along the pavement.

The Duchess paid a visit to Zara’s Chocolates, North Street Deli and a florist, where she admired a lovely fresh bunch of flowers.


The Duchess was in Bristol to meet members of the Royal Voluntary Service for tea at the Trinity Centre, before then  visiting Women’s Aid to speak to survivors of domestic abuse.

The Duchess is presented with a special bouquet @TrinityBristol on

stay active and independent. The Duchess has been its President since 2013.

University welcomes world’s cutest stress relievers

Puppy petting day at UWE

At the University of the West of England puppies are being brought in for stress-relieving study breaks.

Studies show that petting a dog decreases blood pressure and relieves anxiety. It can also reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol we produce.


The stress relief event was put on by University Cribs who host these kind of events all around the country,

They acknowledge that the beginning of the year is a stressful time for students and is full of revision, dissertations and exams.

The day was aimed to reduce stress for Bristol’s students in line with UWE’s ‘Feel Good February.’


Ahmed Emara, the Students’ Union President at UWE, said that event acts as a fundraising opportunity to help people with mental health issues.

The students certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, see their reactions below:

British Airways connect Birmingham and Bristol with Ibiza

British Airways connect Birmingham and Bristol with Ibiza

  • British Airways ceased offering flights from Birmingham and Bristol in 2007

Adding to the seemingly never ending list of additional Ibiza flights for 2017, British airways have confirmed they are to begin operating direct flights in May from British airports in Birmingham and Bristol to Ibiza, Malaga and Palma, once a week and also on weekends.

British Airways Commercial Director General Luke Hayhoe said that the airline’s customers “have expressed clearly and directly” that they want to fly to these destinations.

British Airways stopped offering flights from Birmingham and Bristol in 2007, when its regional business was acquired by Flybe.

Since then, Vueling and Iberia Express, subsidiaries of International Airways Group (IAG), a British Airways partner, have launched services from Birmingham to Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Tenerife.

‘Last Concorde’ makes its final journey





‘Last Concorde’ makes its final journey

7 February 2017 Last updated at 22:42 GMT

As the ‘last Concorde’ made its final journey, we look back at the iconic plane’s history.

It will be the centerpiece of the £16m Bristol Aerospace Center, which has been built around a listed WW1 hangar.

Show which helped put Bristol on the map is most watched TV programme ever

15651867-largeIT might have been set on the mean streets of Peckham but Only Fools and Horses helped to Bristol on the map.

The much loved series, which was filmed in and around Bristol, has topped a chart of the most watched programmes in eight decades of British TV.

Nelson Mandela House was supposed to have been in London but in reality the high rise flat is just around the corner from Ashton Gate – the home of Bristol City.

And the Trotters brothers’ lock-up was also in the same part of south Bristol while Ashton Gate’s car park doubled as Peckham Market.

One of themost famous scenes in the long-running series where Del fell through an open bar top was filmed in the studio but the outside of the bar was The Granary in Welsh Back.

And the Nag’s Head boozer is actually the White Horse in Bedminster.

neslon-mandela-houseFamously when Del and Rodney ran through the streets of Peckham dressed as Batman and Robin they were in fact in Broadmead and the nearby Stokes Croft.

The most watched programme ever was shown in Christmas 1996 when Just over 24 million people tuned in to see David Jason’s Del Boy finally got rich after auctioning an antique watch.

It is the biggest audience ever recorded for a single transmission of a TV programme in Britain.

In all four episodes of Only Fools And Horses appear in the top 20, along with favourites such as Morecambe And Wise, Coronation Street and the Royal Variety Performance.

trottersBut there are no episodes of EastEnders, and nothing shown from the past 15 years.

The chart has been compiled to mark the 80th anniversary this week of the start of television in the UK.

The BBC launched the nation’s first regular TV service at 3pm on November 2 1936, broadcasting live from Alexandra Palace in north London.

Since then television in Britain has grown from one channel to more than 300, and the way we receive TV has evolved from an aerial on the roof to underground cables, satellite dishes and online.

del-boy-and-rodenyThe chart also boasts some surprising entries, such as an episode of The Benny Hill Show from 1979 and an edition of the Norwich-based quiz show Sale Of The Century from 1977 hosted by Nicholas Parsons.

Here is the top 20 in full:

1. Only Fools And Horses (BBC1, December 29 1996): 24.35 million

2. To The Manor Born (BBC1, November 11 1979): 23.95 million

3. The Royal Variety Performance (ITV, November 19 1967): 22.80 million

4. Panorama (BBC1, November 20 1995): 22.77 million

5. The Royal Variety Performance (ITV, November 14 1965): 21.70 million

6. Dallas (BBC1, November 22 1980): 21.60 million

7. To The Manor Born (BBC1, November 9 1980): 21.55 million

8. The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show (BBC1, December 25 1977): 21.40 million

= Coronation Street (ITV, January 2 1985): 21.40 million

10. Only Fools And Horses (BBC1, December 25 2001): 21.35 million

11. Only Fools And Horses (BBC1, December 27 1996): 21.33 million

12. Only Fools And Horses (BBC1, December 25 1996): 21.31 million

13. The Morecambe And Wise Christmas Show (BBC1, December 25 1977): 21.30 million

14. The Royal Variety Performance (ITV, November 10 1963): 21.20 million

= The Silver Jubilee Royal Variety Gala (ITV, December 4 1977): 21.20 million

16. Bread (BBC1, December 11 1988): 20.95 million

17. The Benny Hill Show (ITV, March 14 1979): 20.85 million

18. Coronation Street (ITV, December 18 1980): 20.80 million

19. Just Good Friends (BBC1, December 21 1986): 20.75 million

20. Sale Of The Century (ITV, November 19 1977) 20.60 million

= Coronation Street (ITV, January 9 1985): 20.60 million

= Coronation Street (ITV, January 16 1985): 20.60 million

:: The chart was compiled using figures from the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (Barb) and historic data held in the British Film Institute archive.

Bristol Zoo celebrates 180th anniversary

Items from a zoo’s archive have been released to mark its 180th anniversary.

Bristol Zoo, which opened in 1836, has raided its archive to uncover films and photos.

They include footage of children being taken for rides on Asian elephant Rosie – a resident at the zoo from 1938 until her death in 1961.

The zoo said it believes many of the artifacts, which have been in storage for decades, have never been shown to the public before.


_90334956_mediaitem90334955Among its most well-known animals was Rosie the Asian elephant – a resident at the Zoo from 1938 until her death in 1961. She was born in the wild in 1925 and arrived at the zoo from a circus _90334958_mediaitem90334957

Another famous resident was Alfred the gorilla, who lived at the zoo from 1930 to 1948. At the time he was the only gorilla in captivity in the country. His body now stands in the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery
Guide books from 1926 and 1950 are among the items that have been kept in storage
Image copyright Bristol Zoo
Image caption Popular children’s TV presenter Johnny Morris was a regular visitor to the zoo with the programme Animal Magic
Since it opened in 1836, the zoo has welcomed six generations of visitors. More than 90 million people have visited the zoo over the past 180 years, including these soldiers during World War One

  Bristol Zoo was the first UK zoo to hold and breed okapi, as well as being the first British zoo to breed from their gorillas and chimpanzees

Teenager saves pocket money to buy bacon sandwiches for homeless on way to school

13-year-old Hamish Anderson from Bristol has been handing out bacon sandwiches bought with his own pocket money to the homeless. 

A teenage boy has been helping homeless people in Bristol by using his own pocket money to buy them bacon sandwiches.

Hamish Anderson said he was inspired to do something after noticing the same two homeless men on his way to school.


It was only when the owner of local cafe Prince’s Pantry noticed Hamish buying sandwiches from his shop every morning that anyone found out what was going on.

Hamish had been buying them for the two people he passed in the street each morning.

His JustGiving page which has been set up to raise money for the homeless has already seen donations of more than £1000.

Hamish's JustGiving page has already raised more than £1000.
Hamish’s JustGiving page has already raised more than £1000. 

Ambitious plans to build three new villages on green belt land on Bristol outskirts move forward

Ambitious plans to build three new villages on green belt land on Bristol outskirts move forward

Three new villages planned for green belt land on the outskirts of Bristol

AMBITIOUS plans to create three new villages on green belt land on the outskirts of Bristol have taken a step forward.

Developer Taylor Wimpey announced last year its vision for a new development of up to 4,500 homes, which will be known as The Vale, on a 305 hectare site on the edge of North Somerset.

The site is bounded to the east by south Bristol and to the west by the A370 Long Ashton bypass and Barrow Tanks.

The area of North Somerset where the proposed development will be built

Although formal plans have yet to be drawn up for the site, a large number of technical surveys have been carried out.

A series of public exhibitions are now being planned next month in a bid to gather peoples’ views and develop the proposals further.

As well as the thousands of new homes, plans for the development include new educational facilities including primary schools.

The development could also see the creation of a new secondary school or university technical college.

The site would also have land earmarked for employment use as well as new village centre(s) with space for cafes, restaurants, shops and services.

It would also include lots of publicly accessible open space, including parkland and new transport hubs with connections into the city.

The new South Bristol Link Road would pass through the eastern section of The Vale, providing the opportunity to extend the Metrobus network, serving the development and connecting through to the A38 and Bristol Airport.


New foot and cycle routes would also connect the new development to the South Bristol Link and the Ashton Vale to Temple Meads corridor,

As part of the plans new sporting, leisure and community facilities could also be developed.

The proposals come at the same time as the four West of England authorities, North Somerset, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire, are working on a joint strategic planning strategy (JSPS) allocating housing provision between them.

North Somerset Council had previously put out a call for sites where housing could be allocated across the district – but has always stressed it will robustly defend the area’s green belt.

A Taylor Wimpey spokesman said: “We consider there to be significant advantages to building a new village community on the land either side of the A38 and south of the A370.

“A new community can be planned from the start with strong transport links and with services and facilities that all communities aspire to have on their doorsteps.

“While green belt development should only be pursued after careful consideration and where there are very special circumstances, green belts can change and – in this case – we think should change.”

Bosses at Taylor Wimpey say they expect to submit a planning application ahead of the Joint Spatial Plan(JSP) being finalised.

However it is not expected that the application would be determined until after the JSP is approved later this year.

The spokesman added: “By undertaking all the technical work required of a planning application now, we can be sure that what we are proposing is certain and deliverable.

“We want the new community at The Vale to be the very best that it can.”

The Joint Spatial Strategy is being put together by the West of England’s four authorities and will be a blueprint for future housing, transport and infrastructure developments up until 2036.

The plan calculates that the area will need 85,000 new homes by 2036, 56,000 of which have already been approved or are planned.

It also explores where a further 29,000 homes could be built across the region.

Twelve thousand of these are likely to be provided via ‘urban intensification’, which could see areas such as Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and Bath expanded.

That leaves 17,000 – essentially two towns of the size of Clevedon – to be built across the region, and some of these will be in North Somerset.

The draft Joint Spatial Plan will be published in the autumn of 2016 and submitted to Government in 2017 and could be formally adopted in early 2018.

Plans for up to 9,000 homes on The Vale site had previously been put forward but these were put on the back burner after a decision to scrap the Regional Spatial Strategy was made by the previous coalition government.

Public exhibitions where Taylor Wimpey’s development team, technical experts and highways and ecology experts will be on hand to answer questions are being held over the next month.

Sessions will be at Barrow Gurney Village Hall on July 5, Long Ashton Royal British Legion on July 6 and at Dundry Village Hall on July 7. All sessions run from 3.30pm to 8pm.

Following the exhibitions people will be able to find out more information at

People will be able to give feedback on the scheme and sign up for regular email updates.