DJ Die & Gutterfunk – Win – Culture Clash Bristol

DJ Die & Gutterfunk win Culture Clash Bristol

Watch the hometown crew triumph over Butterz Sound, Team Tectonic and Stylo G’s Warning Sound.
          DJ Die Presents Gutterfunk celebrate

What. A. Show. Four crews, four stages, four rounds – but there can only be one winner, and this time it was Bristol drum’n’bass titan

DJ Die and his Gutterfunk family who walked off with the prestigious airhorn trophy.

Going into battle

It was by no means a forgone conclusion, with powerful competition coming from all quarters. Butterz Sound looked like early leaders, with Elijah and Skilliam taking a seat in comfortable easy chairs and flicking through newspapers as Gutterfunk opened the first round. That, plus P Money on the mic and choice cuts including The Bug’s Skeng and Kanye West’s Who Gone Stop Me put Butterz one up at the end of round one.

Team Tectonic started out deep and moody, and the decibel meter at the end of the first round suggested perhaps the crowd were a bit too hyped to go with them. But they rallied hard, bringing out Riko and Lady Chann (an ex-girlfriend of Stylo G MC Stormin – that’s gotta hurt) and veering between seismic dubstep, jungle and thundering reggae. It’s an approach that wiped the face off Warning Sound’s face come the Sleeping With The Enemy Round, where the purpose is to bite another sound’s style.

If you’re here and on this stage, you put a lot of your lifetime into making music, and that gets a lot of respect from me

DJ Die

It was the team next to them who occasionally looked like they had it in the bag. Stylo G’s Warning Sound had an almost limitless supply of killer dubplates – from So Solid Crew’s 21 Seconds to Section Boyz’ Lock Aff to a Beenie Man cut shipped over from Jamaica. They had some killer guests too, including Lethal Bizzle (“You don’t just play the 45… you bring out the f—ing artist!”) and a ready-for-war Chip – who unfortunately was cut off mere seconds after his arrival, when the timer ran out at the close of round three. “We want Chip!” chanted the audience. Don’t worry, he’s coming back – you think a clock’s going to stop him?

Courtney Pine to bring his House of Legends event to Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival


34Renowned musician Courtney Pine cannot wait to be a part of Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival.

The saxophonist, considered to be one of the pioneers of the black British jazz scene, will be bringing his House of Legends event to the programme running between March 18 and 20.

Deeply steeped in the traditions of the Caribbean, this very personal project sees Courtney bring together musicians from all over for vibrant exchanges that tell tales of life from a truly multicultural view.

Courtney explained: “House of Legends, which I’ve been doing for four years, is all about the Caribbean and the positive affect the culture has had on people.”

Visitors to the event, taking place on the concluding day of the festival, will learn about the heritage of the Notting Hill Carnival.

Courtney said: “We tell the story of Claudia Jones and how she started the event. Not many people know the efforts of this journalist first putting the event together but it made a huge influence on this country.”

In the 1980s, Courtney, 51, was one of the first black British musicians to make a serious mark on the jazz scene when he released his first album.

Londoner Courtney, who became the first and only, to date, black jazz musician to appear on the NME front cover, in 1986, is delighted to be part of Bristol festival.

He said: “All jazz events are uplifting but this event is something a little different and very special.13165152-large

“The fact they have kept the event going for so long shows that they are clearly doing

“With the history of Lord Colston and Colston Hall it is pretty interesting to have a geezer, like me, in there doing something on Caribbean culture.”

Courtney truly believes the festival offers something to die hard jazz fans as well as those who are just picking the genre up.

“There’s a certain type of jazz fan who treats the genre as an item exclusive to them but then there are the real fans who appreciate it is for everyone,” he explained.

“Whether you are an experienced jazz fan or a newbie you will enjoy this festival.

“I love coming to Bristol too. Over the years, I have tried to do my best to understand Bristol’s heritage and I’m always learning things every time I go back.”

Over artists, on a packed Bristol International Jazz and Blues Festival, include Pee Wee Ellis and Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer amongst others.

For ticket details and to see the full festival line up visit

Family of missing DJ Derek call on volunteers for renewed search

The family of missing Bristol DJ Derek Serpell-Morris are renewing their search today after new information emerged that the 74 year old enjoyed country walks.

DJ Derek
The Bristol-based DJ hasn’t been seen since the middle of July

Hi family and volunteers will be out searching for clues to his disappearance using a route between Thornbury and Aust which they discovered in a map found at Mr Morris’s home. He is last known to have travelled to Thornbury by bus seven months ago.

Search begins at Rock Street Car Park

Anyone is welcome to join the search, but organisers say it is a long walk and could take up to two hours.

I will be wearing my DJ Derek t-shirt so people will be able to spot who we are.

Currently we have about six people coming to help, but we would appreciate any man power as it would mean we could cover more ground. – Jennifer Griffiths, niece


missing dj derek

If you want to join the search party they’ll be wearing their Find DJ Derek t-shirts

Let’s Rock Bristol People be aware of – Gigantic Tickets Rip Off Scam !

headerPlus win a pair free tickets to Ashton Court on Saturday, Just come up with the best rip off story that you have encountered with Gigantic, The winners will be announced in June 2016, Just add your comments on this story here and the winners will be informed and contacted via website !

Gigantic Tickets Be aware off the scams and No Refunds At All !

As you can see its just a massive RIP OFF   ,

Be aware that it could happen to you too !

Let’s Rock Bristol! Ticket’s   by Gigantic Rip Off Ticket Merchant’s

Beware if you buy tickets off this grubby little bunch of rip off merchants. Their terms and conditions mean that if the event is cancelled they will refuse point blank to refund the booking fees

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 14.04.46


Ripped-Off-By-Gigantic’s reply to Andiamo’s Comment

Written on: 16/11/2013


I believe many ticket agencies refund booking fees if the event is cancelled. Fatsoma for one. Gigantic didn’t even send out the tickets and still wouldn’t refund the booking fee.
In many cases you don’t get a choice of booking agents- a promoter gives exclusive selling rights to a bunch of bandits like Gigantic and then you are screwed over if the event is pulled. So if the link takes you to Gigantic, I’d suggest trying to buy from the venue directly, as I’ve found they may have more scruples than Gigantic.

Customer service NOT helpful, never received the tickets!

Written on: 03/12/2015 by Celinel


I am extremely disappointed in this compagny. I had bought tickets exactly one month in advance for a show in London. They said they would dispatch the tickets “at least 10 days prior to the event” which they did not since I received an email 9 days prior to the event (which you can agree is still okay, but you will see how this is a problem) saying my tickets had been dispatched and would be with me within 5 working days. I received an email on a friday (for the show the next sunday) and 5 working days would be the next friday, so I had NO reason to worry… Evidently, I did not receive the tickets on the friday so I tried to contact them, but not answer… I then sent emails asking to be refunded, but their answer was that I should have contacted them 2 days before the event: but how should I have contacted them since my tickets were SUPPOSED to arrive on the friday and they are closed on weekends………….
I then had a very useless exchange of emails with a manager…

I am so disappointed.. What’s the point of buying tickets ONE MONTH before an event if they only send it barely a week before?!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 14.04.46 2


Gigantic Rip Off


“Where are my tickets”

Written on: 18/03/2015

This company is a joke, the charge you a handling fee and then fail to actually handle the tickets. I have yet to receive my tickets as apparently the promoter has still yet to send the, but another set I brought from an other company arrived already. there only comment is that if the tickets failed to arrive they will “see what they can do for me” NOT good enough. Seeing that the tickets are a birthday present I’m pretty hacked off with this can’t be ass to do our job attitude coming from this rip of of a company but advise use an other company.

This one will take your money and do nothing to supply a service.

DJ Die Presents Gutterfunk play Red Bull Culture Clash in Bristol on March 4 2016.


Visit the Culture Clash homepage.

From: Bristol
Who: DJ Die Presents Gutterfunk

Bristol-based DJ Die is a pioneer in the hardcore, jungle and drum’n’bass scenes, having released music on seminal UK labels XL Recordings, Talkin’ Loud and Full Cycle.

An innovator who ignores rules and tradition in favour of exploring his expansive influences and chasing an unfaltering vision of the future, Die is also founder of Gutterfunk – a record label and creative hub that includes producers, DJs and artists. Current projects include an ongoing partnership with Dismantle as DieMantle, a collaboration with Addison Groove and a new project as yet under wraps. Die led the Clearskyz/Gutterfunk crew to victory in Bristol in 2012 – will lightning strike twice?

They say:

We’ve won the clash before and we’re going to win it again. I’d love to tell you our clashing techniques but that’s classified – you’ll soon witness the burial. GUTTERFUNK.

DJ Die

Listen to the Gutterfunk label showcase on Toddla T’s Radio 1 show.

#Bristol6Music – What’s on your Bristol music playlist?


On Sunday’s Now Playing (6-8pm) we’re raising the curtain on next week’s 6 Music Festival in Brizzle.

Some may argue that Bristol’s most iconic attraction is Brunel’s wonderful Clifton Suspension Bridge, which has spanned the Avon Gorge for 150 years. But we would say, “Surely the finest example of Bristolian culture is Massive Attack?”

Tricky-I-wasnt-any-good-f-011Roni Size & Krust (1)





Of course you’ll get great views of the bridge from Clifton village, and a fine view from below at Cumberland Basin, but have you listened to Portishead’s seminal album ‘Dummy’?

Perhaps these two giants of Avon-based pioneering trip-hop will be the most selected on Sunday’s Now Playing, but they are also the tip of the South West music scene iceberg, which is clearly why we’ve chosen the Bristol to host next weekend’s 6 Music Festival.

IMG_12150047- A Restoration of Sound-8379


The jewel of the South West can boast million-selling bands, iconic solo performers and even a genre all of its own (the Bristol Sound).

6279193-largeiBen Westbeech - Interview





Choose any Bristol-born artist from Tricky, Roni Size, Redlight, Breach, DJ Die, Bugsy,  Robert Wyatt, and Strangelove to artists from slightly further afield such as Bath’s Propellerheads or Tears For Fears, or even Weston-Super-Mere’s Wurzels. We’re sure you can do much better than that.

You could do much worse than choose from any number of artists playing at this year’s 6 Music Festival, discover the full line-up here.

Buggsy - Gully Side

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 16.18.42





Get your South West-inspired suggestions to Tom via the hashtag #Bristol6Music to help create a playlist. Comment on the Now Playing Facebook page,  on the blog, email or drag tracks onto our Spotify playlist.


An invitation to fight hate with tea


A nice cup of tea. That will sort it out. Any vague feelings that an attack on a mosque with bacon sandwiches would create even the slightest bit of tension in the local community have been quashed by plans to open the mosque doors to everyone for a nice cuppa.

After nearby residents rallied in support of Bristol Jamia Mosque in Green Street, Totterdown, last weekend, the muslim community is now opening its doors in a stand for solidarity and respect.

An invitation titled “tea at the mosque”, passed on by Stand up to Racism Bristol, reads: “Bristol Jamia Mosque is holding a tea and coffee event to appreciate the wonderful and amazing public replies received.

“This is an opportunity to stand in solidarity for tolerance and respect. You, and friends, are cordially invited to participate this sunday, 1.30pm-3pm.

“We have invited our neighbours, supporters and well wishers including the media and local leaders.

“This will be an event to meet and speak with each other amongst those who will attend and nurture friendships and values. This short event is not about a protest but just an opportunity to reflect and enhance on our neighbourly relations by mingling.”

Four people have been charged with hate crimes following the attack which allegedly saw bacon sandwiches left on the mosque’s doorsteps, abuse shouted at worshippers and a St George cross hung outside.

Forty years of Aardman are being celebrated


Forty years of Aardman are being celebrated on Boxing Day with a documentary on BBC One.


Narrated by Julie Walters, a host of stars both human and clay will look at the Bristol company’s multi award-winning work across film, television and advertising including the much-loved characters from Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, Morph and Creature Comforts.

Some special animation has been created especially for the documentary, which also features Martin Freeman, Jane Horrocks, David Tennant, Bill Nighy, Terry Gilliam, Matt Groening, Timothy Spall, Hugh Grant and more.

Aardman co-founder David Sproxton said: “When we arrived in Bristol in 1976 with our clockwork cine camera there was a total of three television channels for the British audience to watch.

“Although we were lucky enough to have a small contract with BBC Children’s Television we never imagined our two man outfit would develop into a major studio of international repute. It’s been an extraordinary journey, even if it is one we’ve taken one frame at a time.”

Co-founder Peter Lord added: “The last 40 years has been an amazing adventure. When we arrived in Bristol 40 years ago, our only ambition was to find a niche, if we possibly could, in the world of animation.

“Our friends and colleagues thought we were pretty well barmy to start up anywhere outside London. So it’s amazing now to find that Aardman has become this huge community of superbly talented people, making films and telling stories that travel all round the world.”

A Grand Night In: The Story of Aardman will be shown on Boxing Day at 2.25pm on BBC One alongside a brand new 30-minute special adventure Shaun the Sheep The Farmer’s Llamas which is also showing on Boxing Day at 6.15pm.


My Bristol favourites: Jack Ashton


jack-ashton-1449337032Jack Ashton is an actor who grew up in Bedminster and has appeared in television shows including Broadchurch and Call the Midwife, and films including the Bristol-based 8 Minutes Idle. Jack will be reading at Bristol Cathedral’s Carols by Candlelight concert on Friday, December 18. Tickets are available at Opus 13.

Here are Jack’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Greville Smyth Park

“My spiritual home and a place that had as many memories for my father as it does me (he told me stories of watching American GIs play baseball there during World War Two). My memories of Greville Smyth Park, or Ashton Park as it’s known by the locals, are a little less glamorous stretched over my formative (teenage) years. This place reminds me of playing and watching Saturday football, first romances, first scraps, first ciders, sunny summer holidays and bitterly cold winters, just existing or trying to be cool or make girls laugh or learning the lyrics with mates to Oasis songs. I have seen it change beyond recognition but I know every corner and it has the ability to trigger memories both awkward and joyous, and now somewhat cyclically it will always be the place I go to to remember my wonderful dad – he has a bench on the hill looking down over the play area and football pitches and beyond towards fortress Ashton Gate!).”

The Zig Zag

“Connecting Clifton to the Portway, this path is a leg burner going up and a breeze to go down. As a child my sister and I would buy ice creams at the top, walk down and then lament our courage as we’d struggle back up. I love that path and love the views of the bridge and the river.”

North Street

“North Street is in Bedminster (you can call it Southville if you’re feeling fruity). This road has been gentrified beyond all recognition but it really needed it and has brought wonderful people and interesting shops with it. The Tobacco Factory is my favourite building and I remember when it was empty and crumbling. North Street is now a viable option for socialising and it’s giving Gloucester Road a run for its money. As long as the pubs keep making everyone feel welcome I can only see it going from strength to strength.”

Blackboy Hill

“This little stretch with its tiny nooks and crannies and local shops is the most picturesque of Bristol’s streets. Again, this is as much to do with nostalgia as anything else as I spent my earlier life (up to 11) living here. I love the hills in Bristol and you have to leave it to realise they are something to cherish.”

The Downs

“There is nothing better than a sunny day’s walk around the Downs, from the windy views at the Sea Walls, to the water tower, to the randomly erected exercise equipment. I love this place!


DieMantle: Music To… Lose Your Car To

DieMantle: Music To… Lose Your Car To


Both highly respected and revered in their fields, the Bristol music legend and Gutterfunk label boss DJ Die teamed up with Digital Soundboy don Dismantle and in doing so created a sonic unity so fitting that even their names joined forces with ease. Enter their exclusive mix for i-D.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 19.41.49

DieMantle: Music To… Lose Your Car To

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 16.18.42
Gutterfunk is having a Christmas party and you’re all invited >>

We’ve got the finest selectors for your #GutterFunkYuletide pleasure:

DJ Die
Addison Groove
White Bully Soundsystem
Hosted by Inja

Upstairs Room hosted by Hot Buttered Soul

*Cocktails / Games / Vibes / Treats*


Ask George: get your questions in for the Mayor of Bristol now!


He’s one of the most controversial figures in the South West and his decisions have a massive impact on the lives of the people in his city.

George Ferguson, the Mayor of Bristol, is running for a second term in office next May but now you have the opportunity to get him answering your questions.

Our reporter Richard Payne will be interviewing George Ferguson online later this week and we want to know your questions for him before then.

It’s really easy to get your question in – simply write to by 5pm on Wednesday and make sure you include the title “Ask George” in the subject header.

Whatever subject is troubling you – whether it’s transport, care for the elderly, education or house prices – we want to hear from you!!

First new high-speed train arrives

First new high-speed train arrives in Southampton

The train was unloaded from a ship

The first “Super Express” train, that will replace ageing trains in the UK, has arrived from Japan.

Shipped to Southampton, the train is part of the £7.5bn modernisation of the Great Western railway line.

It will be used as a test train by staff on the rail network from April.

The 122 trains, which are longer and faster than those currently in service, are expected to start carrying passengers in 2017.

Produced by Hitachi for the Intercity Express Programme, the trains will be used on Great Western and East Coast lines.

They are capable of running at up to 140mph (225kmph).

Of the trains ordered, 12 are being manufactured in Kudamatsu City and shipped over. The remaining 110 will be constructed in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham.

Hitachi trainThe train is one of 12 being shipped over from Japan