Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

Zines, pamphlets, booklets… whatever you want to call them, many of us can agree that they’re a great way to spread information and share ideas easily and accessibly.

So this May, as a build up to this year’s bookfair, we are having a Bristol anarchist zinefair!

List of stalls:
>Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective (This will also be a space where individuals/groups with not many zines can distribute thier zines – but space will be limited!)
>Hydra Bookshop
>Pricesa Pirata Distro
>Kebele Infoshop
>Bristol ABC/Empty Cages Collective
>Bristol Anti-Fascists
>Dysphoria Collective


Workshops and timetable:

Art Room:
12.30 – 1.30: Intro to Kebele – Anarchist principles and the importance of social centers

2-3: Using Scribus to style out your publication (freeware INDesign)

3.30 – 5: Shared Anarchist Zine Reading

Zine making Drop in Session (12.30-4.30)

Tech security and anonymity Drop in Session (12.30 – 4.30)

May 13th 12 -5pm
Kebele social centre
14 Robertson Road

After Party:

And to set your minds at rest and put to bed all the rumours that have been circulating, YES the Bookfair itself IS happening! It’s going to be on the 16th of September and it’s going to be fabulous


Bristol Anarchist Zine Fair

Hosted by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
BS2 0NW Bristol, United Kingdom
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